Sunday, August 23, 2015

Copic Marker Storage

So since this is my very first post and I still need to figure out how to do the watermark I thought I'd start with the copic marker storage I made.  I made this a few months ago but didn't write my dimensions. But really size is what suits your needs and space.

Materials : Foam board about 3 sheets
                  Gummied packaging tape
                  Sponge brush
                  Applique pins
                  X-acto knife
                  Metal ruler
                  Cutting mat
                  Chalkboard spray paint
                  Gem beads(for knobs on drawers)
                  Sunrise sunset patterned papers
After measure and cutting my pieces out I pinned them together and used the gummied packaging tape to secure them together. One mistake I made from being impatient was that I didn't mark my back board with the measurements which threw everything off because while I thought I was holding my pieces straight up I was in fact crooked.
After everything was together I sprayed it with black chalkboard paint to give it a nice finish. From there I proceeded to make my drawers but because my measurements were off I had to do them each individually and making them crooked so overall it would look straight.
Overall happy with what I made and exactly what I needed =D